Understanding Golf

While some of you might be shaking your head it’s not really that unusual. Maybe you get invited out trekking or get requested to attend a concert for a band you’ve never heard about before. Whatever the situation you’ve most likely accepted the invitation and then jumped onto Google to find out just what you want to know about said activity.

In the event that you’ve been invited to golf with great friends or the guy, you’ve had a crush on for weeks we’re here to help. Check out our fast-hitting tips on the most basic facts you want to know about golfing before you reach the course.

The Course

Standard golf courses include 18-holes.

The first part of each hole is the tee box. This is the area where everybody will reach their first chance of this hole from. These shots usually occur off of a wooden tee, thus the name tee box. Each tee will normally have different colored markers to designate the accepted location for teeing off and they represent the distance away from the green. The better golf match you have the farther back you’ll start. If you hear somebody say they are”playing from the whites” it means they’re teeing off from the white hooks at every hole.

Fairways — this is actually the well-maintained subject of the hole at which most golfers maintain their ball. Fairways are mowed often (usually daily during the warm months) and provide the simplest route to the green.

Greens — the greens are where each hole is put and the target area from the tee. Greens are mowed shorter than the bud in other areas of the greens and the course is where golfers play with the short game with putters.

Roughs — All these are the rough regions that surround the well-maintained fairways. They typically have high grasses, stones, and trees. Landing a golf ball in the rough following a swing that slices or hooks the ball can ruin a pit. It is typically difficult to get your ball out of those regions without racking up a couple of extra strokes.

Hazards — all these are deliberate features of every hole that are intended to make it even more difficult. They usually consist of sand bunkers and water features. These regions may elicit a couple of choice words from many golfers.

The Lingo

While we’ve broken some of the conventional ones above (tee, greens, fairway) here are a couple of others you may hear.

Links — This is a phrase that’s often used by golfers to describe a course. The term”I am headed out to hit the links” may cause authentic golf fans to roll their eyes somewhat. The term is derived from the earliest style of the golf course a links course. While not all

Hacker — This is a Frequent term used to describe Somebody Who is inexperienced or just complete a terrible golfer

Front Nine/Back Nine — when describing where they are at or that holes they are likely to golf, front nine refers to the first two holes on a course (holes 1-9) and the back nine refers to the Previous 9 (holes 10-18)

Snowman — If a golfer chooses 8 strokes to complete a hole he would share with his friends

Ace — In case you are lucky to take a hole into one, it is called an ace.

The Gear

Clubs — Each golfers’ bag can have up to 14 clubs and all professional golfers take all 14.

Headcovers — most golfers in the sport now use headcovers to place within the head of every club so as to secure them from damage. Custom-made golf headcovers are becoming increasingly popular with hundreds of styles offered in golf shops and via online retailers.

Shoes — avid golfers will buy special shoes for the golf course. They come in two styles (spiked and spike-less) that help them to get a better grip on your grass when swinging. These are especially useful for courses in moist climates.

While you may not know all the intricacies of golf only yet you at least know the fundamentals.