Disagree with VAR

At the top level, football has always been about fine margins, on-field decisions, and moments of human excellence. With players and their teams getting quicker and more informed, the referee’s job was made more and harder. Acquiring the decision right every single time is pretty much impossible, but until the arrival of VAR, there level of inconsistency and the number of poor decisions made by referees was reaching alarming rates. VAR was designed to remove a level of the inconsistency of application of the rules that had been angering fans for years. But whilst it has been used to some effect, it is clear that is far from perfect — particularly in regards to making conclusions based on simple common sense.

Stephen Warnock

Warnock wants to see VAR shown a red card and sent off for good. In his opinion, the time taken to make conclusions is too long and there’s a need for fans in the stadium to be shown the footage which the referee is reviewing. He also thinks that there is a need for the conversation that takes place between the VAR referee and also the on-field referee to be made public at the time that it happens so the fans are educated and involved.

Jamie Redknapp

Jamie can see the positive attributes of this machine and whilst he doesn’t fully oppose its use, he is of the view that there are many changes required to be able to remain in performance in the league. Much like Warnock, Redknapp also believes that the fans ought to be able to hear the conversation that takes place between the on-area referee and the VAR referee.

Peter Crouch

Crunchie has been on the sharp end of a few bad refereeing decisions in his time, and he often speaks about the way the attackers in the sport need more protection from the challenges handed from defensive players. However, he is often heard disagreeing with the application of VAR and is of the opinion that it slows the game and leads to even more inconsistency than the sport suffered from with no. Like many bettors, he liked how the sport was unpredictable without VAR and, since many fans believe, he understands that so as to permit free-flowing and exciting soccer to take place there has to be an endorsement around mistakes and the fact that sometimes the decision doesn’t go the ideal way all the time. Like many others, he feels that the law of averages equals the playing area in the end.

Whether you’re a bettor looking to make the most of these free betting selections, a lover with a passion for the game, or you will have an impression on which VAR has brought to the game, and exactly what it has removed. We all want to see honest competition, but is a player being ruled offside with a jagged pixel really what we need for our beautiful game?